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120% Money Back Guarantee

You don't like it when you have to bring your computer (by computer we mean any desktop, laptop, tablet or phone) back or get the tech around again. We don't either. Its not good for anyone. So we work really hard to avoid issues by doing all our repairs right the first time and implementing systems and methods that help this. Sometimes there are factors outside anyone's control that just mean a you need to get the computer looked at again. Our guarantee is part of this. No fee if we need to do more work (assuming you didn't cause further issues or if we recommended a further repair might be needed) and if there is an ongoing issue we guarantee our work, 120!.

120 percent service guarantee


  1. The guarantee applies to the specific work we have done for you and not to any other problems you might be having.
  2. Give us a chance first! If you aren't satisfied please contact us first and let us sort it out for you - there is no charge to fix up any mistake or poor workmanship or to investigate what is happening.
  3. Valid reason. You must have a valid reason that relates to some sort of mistake or poor workmanship on our part. Not just that you feel like getting some money back. If you have taken the computer back to us several times and we cannot diagnose the issue then that would qualify. If the repair is possible but not economic, as it often is with, say, laptop or tablet mainboards, then that doesn't count.
  4. You must make the claim with 30 days to get the 120%. Don’t forget, our standard guarantee on the work still applies for 90 days.
  5. The 120% is for the labour and travel component only - not parts. Any parts that are not needed can be removed by our techs for a full 100% refund.
  6. Remote repairs are excluded for 120% guarantee.
Rachel from Papanui says...

"I have been calling on Computer Help for a complete computer help service ever since Matt helped me purchase my first PC in 1999. Matt has always been prompt, reliable, honest and professional in every way. Computer Help has expanded since then but Matt has always been available to answer a question, eliminate a virus or find me a necessary piece of equipment."