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What To Do when The Internet Goes Out

What To Do when The Internet Goes Out

When you lose internet is often a panic and you wonder what you can do. Here's THREE very basic things to try before you call us - no need to pay for us to do something simple you can do fix your own internet! Our purpose to help you with your internet and other computer issues and if we can do that without coming around - all the better.

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Step ONE - Check It's Not Just You.

If you have a cell phone and can access websites on it, you might like to see if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is having a problem. You can do this by looking at their outage page. You can Google the name of your ISP and 'outage' and find the webpage they have dedicated to their network status. Usually, these are fairly up-to-date but if you are one of the first hit with a problem it might not show up.

Below is a list of several ISPs internet outage pages.






Step TWO - Reboot

Rebooting is a cliché because it works! Even these days it often helps out. Reboot, which simply means to turn off and then on, clears things out and reloads the system and this often corrects situations. Make sure you reboot your router (the box from your ISP with lights and aerials on it) - turn it off for 10 seconds and then turn it back on. For your computer just use the 'restart' option - don't force it off with the power switch. It's doesn't matter if it's a laptop, desktop or an all-in-one computer.


Step THREE - Reconnect

If your computer is connected to your modem or router then unplug it at both ends and plug back in immediately. This ensures the connection is good.
If you have a Wi-Fi connection for your internet then click on your Wi-Fi connection, forget it, and then reconnect. Then cross your fingers or pray!


If none of this works you might need some assistance from an internet computer technicians. We're awesome at it, as we fix these problems, literally, every day. So if you need to get your internet going again we can help. We usually can get out to you within 24 hours so call if you need us 0800349669



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