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Office 2010 Has Expired

Office 2010 Has Expired

If you are still using Office 2010 (or earlier) on either Mac or PC, it has expired and presents a security risk.

microsoft office outlook 2010microsoft office word 2010 microsoft office excel 2010
There will no longer be any security updates or patches, which will be of particular concern if you are using Outlook 2010 as it will be vulnerable to viruses and may stop receiving or sending email over the next few months. Don't leave your computer or email exposed to a potential virus threat.
What should you do? To put it simply, upgrade to a newer version of Office.
You can either purchase this directly from Microsoft on their website www.office.com where you can buy either a subscription, or you can buy it outright (no subscription) with a parallel imported license from us. Office 2019 Home & Business is $314 including GST (assuming you bring your computer in for us to install it - if we come out there is also a call out fee).
There are some other options as well. Call if you want details.
If you didn't get our email warning about this please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask to go on our list - we only email when there is something important for you to know about.

Alert: Nano Adblocker Goes Rogue

Alert: Nano Adblocker Goes Rogue

If you, like many people use Chrome or Edge as your internet browser then it’s quite possible you are also using Nano Adblocker which has just been declared by Google to be MALWARE. 

nano adblocker malware chrome adblocker repair edge adblocker repair 


Seventeen days ago, the developer of Nano Adblocker (which was the best ad blocker around) was sold to 2 Turkish developers. The behaviour of the new owners so far has been very suspicious including refusing to change the name of the developer on the Chrome store.

Yesterday, Google decided there was too much suspicious activity and declared it unsafe and removed it from the Chrome Store. This prompted an alert for Chrome users. Did you get this message below? OR are you seeing more ads all of a sudden?

nano adblocker error


What Do You Need To Do?

Essentially, remove Nano Adblocker (and it’s companion program Nano Defender) and install another ad blocker. We’d recommend uBlock Origin.

1. CHROME: click on Settings (3 vertical dots) - More Tools – Extensions

EDGE: click on Settings (3 horizontal dots) - Extensions

2. Look for Nano Adblocker & Nano Defender click on “remove” for each of them.

3. CHROME: Then click on this link for uBlock Origin https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ublock-origin/cjpalhdlnbpafiamejdnhcphjbkeiagm?hl=en

EDGE: Then click on this link for uBlock Origin https://microsoftedge.microsoft.com/addons/detail/ublock-origin/odfafepnkmbhccpbejgmiehpchacaeak?source=sfw

4. Click on “Add to Chrome” or "Get"


If you are using Firefox, Safari or some other browser there is no immediate danger, but we recommend removing Nano ad blocker fairly soon.


If this is all a bit confusing, pop it down, and we can usually do this for you while you wait (depending on the numbers of customers waiting). Assuming there are no other issues, this will cost $32, and we’ll remove nano from ALL your browsers. The workshop is at 160b Selwyn Street.

If you would like someone to come out to you there is also our call out fee of $60 in addition. Please CALL to book someone if you want someone to come to your place 0800349669.

The Team @ Computer Help NZ

Sandie, Wayne, James, Paul, Lewis, Steve and Matt



Opinion: It's deeply disappointing that such a useful tool that is meant to avoid trouble for people has been taken over by someone who has used it for evil purposes. It's like a hospital getting turned into an abattoir. 



Further investigation to the Nano Adblocker turning into malware incident has shown some initial results. This info comes from https://www.gitmemory.com/issue/jspenguin2017/Snippets/5/712580235 feel free to read that for the full information.

Instagram has been the main website that has been attacked. Check your Instagram account and see if any unexpected photos have been liked or commented on. 

Other suggestions include...

  • Check your Instagram for random likes, even if you didn't visit it for a long time, you might be still affected
  • Check other websites you visited in the past 10 days for a suspicious activity
  • Check your accounts for suspicious login attempts



TP-Link Powerline - Five FAQs

TP-Link Powerline Internet Solution

Powerline is a way of getting internet from one room of your house to another in the situation where your wireless isn't strong enough and you have no network cabling to use. It taps into the electrical circuit of your house and uses to send a network signal. It is definitely a workaround and not the perfect solution but it is convenient. Here is the answers to five commonly asked questions.

tplink powerline internet tplink internet wifi

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Printers - Great When They are Working!

Printers - Great when they are working!
If you are like me, you expect your printer to be working when you click file & print. It's frustrating when you do this and get no response! It's no so bad if you go look at the printer and find it's only that it needs more paper added or maybe some ink - you have spare ink, right? But when everything seems to be ok but nothing is happening? Dang, what next?

printer not working chch

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What To Do when The Internet Goes Out

What To Do when The Internet Goes Out

When you lose internet is often a panic and you wonder what you can do. Here's THREE very basic things to try before you call us - no need to pay for us to do something simple you can do fix your own internet! Our purpose to help you with your internet and other computer issues and if we can do that without coming around - all the better.

internet outage christchurchinternet wifi repair

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Internet Banking Passwords

Internet Banking Passwords

An annoying change happened to browsers last year, and we seeing it regularly on some customers' computers still. This email alert is for you to check if you have this issue. The issue is your computer REMEMBERING your BANKING PASSWORD. It is dangerous for your computer to remember the password for a couple of reasons...

If you get hacked by someone they can easily go into your browser and view the username & password. If you get a virus that "sniffs" out passwords, it can also easily extract your password and send it to the owner of the virus.

Both scenarios give them full access to your bank account. Clearly this is bad.

internet banking password

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How To Improve Your Wifi Router Performance pt3

How To Improve Your Wifi Router Performance pt3

This is the third of three parts about WiFi performance in routers. You want your internet fast and don't want to wait! Fair enough. It's a fairly complex topic so that is why I'm splitting it into three parts. Of course if it's too much, feel free to get one of our techs to help - 0800349669

Here's the final 5 tips of a total of 10.


wifi router internet

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How To Improve Your Wifi Router Performance pt2

How To Improve Your Wifi Router Performance pt2

This is the second of three parts about WiFi performance in routers. You want your internet fast and don't want to wait! Fair enough. It's a fairly complex topic so that is why I'm splitting it into three parts. Of course if it's too much, feel free to get one of our techs to help - 0800349669

Now that you understand the top 5 factors that affect WiFi performance, it’s time to take a closer thing at some of the things you can do to improve it.


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