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0800 FIX NOW 
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Laptop Repair

You need your laptop fixed now by someone who knows what they are doing, won't speak in "geek" and who understands your needs - we guarantee it! Computer Help repairs all sorts of laptops. If you have a MacBook, a Toshiba, HP, Sony, Samsung, Acer or ANY model of laptop - we can repair it. There is nothing on a laptop we can't fix. If your laptop is totally dead, won't load windows, can't get on the internet, has a smashed screen or a virus, or any other problem, we can fix all that within 24 hours. To be more precise, this is what happens with approx 97% (based on 2017 figures) of our laptop repairs - because sometimes your laptop may have an obscure part that we don't stock (but we stock a great deal of laptop parts!) so we'll have to get it in from overseas. But we'll do everything we can to get that repaired as soon as possible as well as finding you the best price.

I think you'll be amazed how many laptop repairs we can complete despite some weird and unusual part being required - we can source almost anything! We're superb at laptops and have loads and loads of experience (an average of 15 years each between 5 techs) and have solved everything there is. It doesn't matter what kind of repair you need whether it's hardware or software. For MacBooks, see our MacBook page.

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Laptop Insurance Assessment

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, we can help with assessing and producing a report for your insurance company. We use a format that most insurance companies like as we fully assess the laptop, list all the details they want to know about and then present it in a report that is laid out in a way that is easy to refer to. We charge $195 for a full assessment and report - many insurance companies will pay for this laptop insurance assessment.

What is the Assessment?

We assess the computer for all faults in relation to the damage – power, storage, circuitry, keyboard, connectors, corrosive damage etc. The report includes the detailed diagnosis, quote and ETA to complete including cleaning, parts and labour.

What is included in my official computer repair insurance report?

Our computer insurance reports include comprehensive details about the exact damage to your computer and what parts have sustained damage, and the cost for repair or replacement and all the information the insurance company requires. Depending on the overall damage, cost of replacement parts, age of the machine and labour costs will determine if we recommend repairing or replacing your computer.

Do you need to assess my computer before writing an insurance report?

Yes, we need to physically test and assess the computer before we write your insurance report.

Do I have to pay for my insurance report?

Yes, you pay us for your insurance report, as it takes quite a bit of the technician's time to thoroughly inspect your computer. However, most insurance companies will usually reimburse you for the cost of the insurance report. 

To date, none of the many Windows or Apple, desktop or laptop insurance claim reports we have provided have been queried, disputed or rejected by any insurer.