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0800 FIX NOW 
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Computer Repair Services

We can repair your laptop, All-in-One or desktop computer at YOUR place or OURS.
Some jobs, such as internet or printer issues really need to be done at your place and you may simply prefer the convenience of having a tech come out to you. Onsite techs charge a call out of $85 and then in 15-minute blocks at $45 per block.
We are very skilled and fast at our work and many jobs are completed in a short timeframe – the average (so far in 2023) is 3.5 blocks.

We can also do work at OUR place.

Bring your computer in and we’ll..
* Assess it
* Give you a precise quote for cost and timeframe
* Repair with our full guarantee

We can fix all sorts of problems with computers, internet, printers, screens, hardware or software. Call our team to discuss the options.   Below are some of the services we offer.

Anti-Scam Clean
If you have been scammed or had a hacker get onto your computer, we can clean your system and get things back to safety. This anti-scam clean involves a full virus scan, malware scan, removal of all suspicious programs, a look into your email security setup and possible improvements there if required. We also give it our comprehensive 38-point health check.  At the end you can be assured that your laptop or desktop etc will be safe for you to use again.  

Backup is a vital part of any computer setup. If you don’t have a backup you risk losing your data such as files and photos. A back up today is worth a lot tomorrow when you really need it. We have 3 backup options for you depending on your needs. This includes an external hard drive option, a cloud option and a monitored backup option that checks the backup has occurred each day. Different options have different pricing of course and we can advise you how much you need to invest into a backup system based on your computer usage.

Battery Replacement
We can supply and install laptop batteries for basically any model of laptop – whether it’s a Windows machine or an Apple. The process requires getting the serial number and occasionally other details from the computer and after the assessment we can give you precise details of cost and time to source.
Many batteries are sourced locally and can be fitted within a few days. Some laptop batteries for older or rarer models need to be imported and can take a few weeks. But the assessment process includes a fairly accurate timeframe so you can be aware of how long you need to wait. The good news is that we can often give you your laptop to take away and keep using while you wait for the battery to come in.  

BIZ Customer Support
If you are in business we have a range of proactive support services to ensure your computer systems keep running! Preparation is the key – when the disaster has happened is too late. It’s vital to have systems in place to cover the various common scenarios that can cause your business to grind to a halt. Give a call and ask about our BIZ services and our specialist will talk you through the options. A no obligation meeting is offered to discuss your needs.  

Clone Your Computer
Need your computer copied to a new solid state drive (or hard drive) then we can help you. Cloning is a fairly straightforward process but occasionally needs a little help with some repairs to the drive. Some solid drives and hard drives can get damaged that’s why you need to replace the drive. A clone is the solution, but the more damaged the drive is the more difficult it can be to clone. We have a full range of tools that can complete these repairs and recover your data successfully.  

CMOS Battery Replacement
Did you know that every computer contains a tiny battery that keeps power going to the computer so that it doesn't forget a few key bits of information. The most impactful is the time. If your computer is suddenly showing the wrong time. Usually 1st Jan 1980 or 2000 then it’s likely the CMOS battery is faulty and needs replacing. The battery is often cheap, especially in the case of desktop PCs but laptops have a variety of options. Our assessment service will determine what you need.  

Data Transfer
You’ve got a new computer and need your files and photos transferred to the new one. You also need …
·         your applications installed
·         email setup
·         email signature and contacts swapped over
·         printer and scanner installed and setup
·         wifi configured
·         and it would be nice to have your picture back on the desktop background

We’ve got it covered. This and much more. We can do anything from a simple transfer to the most complex transfer with many tricky issues. We’ve seen it all before and can help you out.

Email Setup or Recovery
Emails can be tricky for some people. Often email is stored as one single file and if something goes wrong it’s a simple fix. We have many tools to help with recovery of lost email, and setting up any tricky email situations. We can also help you if you email is going into people’s SPAM folders and not getting to them. Google and Microsoft have strict rules these days about email and if you have your domain it’s important to have the correct setup – this includes DKIM, DMARC and SPF. If you don’t have those setup you may be losing email.  

File and Photo Recovery Service
Lost precious photos or files. We can help. The first thing we advise is STOP. Stop working on your computer immediately as this gives us the best possible chance to get data back. We have a selection of professional tools that enable us to recover data. We can also advise on backup options to prevent this in the future.
Health Check Service
We have a unique 38-point health checkup that covers
many issues that are commonly faced and can prevent a variety of potential problems. We recommend yearly servicing or twice yearly if you are a heavy computer user. Get your computer in today for this powerful service.  

Insurance Assessment
If you have had an accident and dropped your laptop or some other issue we can provide an assessment that meets all the requirements of your insurance company. This facilitates a speedy insurance process and helps your claim be sorted quickly and easily. We can then rapidly repair your computer (or help with the setup of a new one) once the insurance company gets back to us. We assess your computer, determine the exact fault, and then produce a report which we send direct to the insurance company and CC you as well. Over 95% of claims are accepted with our assessment and reporting.

Internet or Wi-Fi
Our techs can promptly determine why you have no internet or WiFi and can help you. Whether it’s just a few settings that need changing to get the Fibre, VDSL or ADSL going, or whether you need a new router and Wi-Fi extender setup we can help. Our service is prompt and our onsite technicians come prepared with all the tools and parts that may be needed.

Keyboard Repair Service
If you’re missing a key or the keyboard isn’t typing we can help! We can check a variety of potential problems and let you know the precise problem. Sometimes, a new keyboard is often needed and we source most of the these locally within a day or two. Once the assessment is complete, we’ll give you a precise cost and timeframe so you can decide what to do.  

Login and Password Restoration
Forgot your password? We all do at times. We can help you get back into your computer or reset the password for your email or any other password computer system. Just call and talk to our team.  

Noise Reduction Service
Got a noisy computer? We can help! There are several moving parts in your computer – whether you have a desktop, all-in-one or laptop. This includes CPU fans, power supply fans, graphics card fans, motherboard fans, hard drives, or coolant systems. Occasionally, we have even heard coils on the motherboard make strange noises.
Whatever the issue we can help eliminate that pesky noise from your computer.

Onsite at YOUR Place
We can come to your place, wherever in Canterbury you are. Christchurch, Rolleston, Prebbleton, Darfield, West Melton, Belfast, Rangiora, etc are all in our service area.  

Broken Ports
If a port on your computer is broken (which is a fairly common issue) such as the USB, power socket, HDMI, sound or USB-C, then we can help. We have a specialist tech who can assist you and can fix many of these port issues. The main difficulty with these repairs is that the ports are usually soldered directly to the motherboard which requires specialist equipment to service. We can do this! Come in for an assessment and we can advise you about the cost.  

Remote Support
We have remote support options which can be a fast way to get your computer fixed. This is usually suited to minor issues and of course, requires your computer to be going enough to get onto the internet. Call our team to see if we can help you.  

Reorganise and Clean up Service
Computer a bit of a mess? We can sit with you and help organize things, delete unneeded files, uninstall apps that are no longer needed and also give the machine a general clean up!  

Spilled Liquid On Your Computer?
We can get that laptop going again! Pop it into our workshop and let us assess the machine to find specifically where the issues lies. If economic to repair then we clean the motherboard of all residual liquids and dried drinks (sugar is bad for circuits) and then repair the broken section.
If the entire board needs replacing we’ll let you know during the assessment period.  

Computer Won’t Power On?
This is a common problem with a few usual suspects. Often the power supply in a desktop, or the internal power circuit in a laptop is at fault. Whatever the actual issue our assessment service will determine the specific cause and we’ll let you know the solution and cost and how long it will take.  

No Operating System?
Your computer turns on, but comes up saying “no disk” or a sad face. Then for some reason your computer doesn’t see the operating system. This is often related to the disk drive or solid disk drive or the configuration of how your computer sees it. We can help! There are a variety of potential solutions ranging from a simple reconfigure of settings to a replacement of a drive. If the drive is damaged we can help with data recovery too.  

Security – Viruses and Anti-Virus
We can advise on the most suitable antivirus for your system and use and clean up any virus infection you may have picked up. For many Microsoft Defender is sufficient, for others we recommend Malwarebytes Antimalware. There are three other aspects of security that are vital – firewall, applications and password protection. We can advise you on these too.  

Broken Screen?
We can fix most any type of broken screen. If you have a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Microsoft Surface or any brand of Windows computer (Acer, Asus, Compaq, Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba etc. We can source most of our screens here in New Zealand which ensures a speedy repair time.  

Simple Problem?
Got just a small niggle? A wee problem you’d love to get sorted out. We can often help with these little issues on the spot. If we find there’s a deeper issue we’ll let you know. Otherwise we may be able to help you over the counter.
Social Media Clean
Had issues with your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account, we can help you with the process to get things sorted. Often these companies make recovery very difficult, but we’ll guide you through the process to ease the pain as much as possible. Give us a call.  

Want a tech just to sit down with you and show you how to do something? We’re glad to help! Our patient and friendly techs will explain the topic in down to earth language that is easy to understand. We have options for computer tuition at our place or at yours.  

Don Mackenzie says...

"​I can certainly recommend the service. Used these guys 3 times, and a quick efficient solution each time. Called out and fixed the last problem within an hour."

Carol from Woolston says...

"I have been so suspicious of repairers. Just bit the bullet and nothing but good to report. My laptop is now bug free, has a new hd and I'm happy. All in good time. And ditto for my friend too!"

Stuart of Addington says...

"The Team at Computer Help is excellent to deal with in all respects. I would recommend them to anyone."