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Total Home Membership - Support & Discounts

Total Home Membership

The Total Home Membership covers your whole household for computer maintenance and gives you extra support when needed, such as discounts and special offers!

Much like cars, computers need regular maintenance to ensure they both run well and don’t have their operating life cut short. Prevention is cheaper than cure. Our Total Home Membership will help!



Our unique Health Check Up investigates, checks and tunes-up 38 areas of your computer to improve its performance, ensure that its software is up to date and secure, and to catch issues before they become an expensive drama. Regular Health Checks ensure that your computer will have a longer life. It does this by detecting potential issues first such as faulty drives or failing antivirus. The computer check up will also catch any lurking nasties such as viruses, malware or security holes. There are a wide variety of other tests we’ll perform on your laptop or desktop and this covers, what we consider, to be the most vital matters.

What’s included in the Total Home Membership and how much will it cost?

  • Total Home Membership covers every computer in your home (up to a max. 5)
  • Every year, each computer gets our unique 38-point Health Check.
  • You also get a 50% discount off the onsite(callout) fee if you ever want a technician to come to your home OR a 5% discount of the entire job (labour AND parts) if you get a workshop repair.
  • A free gift when you join (a variety to choose from, valued from $23-$60)
  • Exclusive offers for certain items, at cost-price, such as printers, scanners, cameras, speakers etc. Different items will be offered a few times each year and only available to members - at cost price!
  • Total Home Membership $175 per year, if you have TWO OR MORE computers, or a special discount down to $150 if you have only the ONE. No contract!

Terms and Conditions

  1. Membership covers every computer at one address. Those computers should reside at that address.
  2. The membership is not open to people with more than 5 computers and/or a server. If that’s you, consider signing up to our BIZ Service.
  3. Membership cannot be transferred to another person, but if you move, let us know your new address and we can cover that home instead.
  4. We will contact you every 12 months. We call twice and if we don’t speak to you, we will either txt or send you an email. After that, it’s your responsibility to ensure you either bring your computer in or call us for a home visit. It needs to be done within 1 month of our call. It is important to keep us updated of any changes to your contact details.
  5. We will collect your credit card details for the annual payment, which will be kept secure and private. We ask that you update us if your credit card details change.
  6. If the annual payment is not made, membership will be paused until the payment is made. Membership will then start again from that date.
  7. Benefits may need to change from time to time.
  8. We reserve the right to refuse your application for membership. We reserve the right to cancel your membership if you breach any of these terms.
  9. Any extra work that pops up as a result of the checkup is additional, but if we find a problem with your machine, we’ll always ask you first and see if you want to go ahead.
  10. If you had a machine that was part of the old membership program, you can upgrade your existing membership(s) and get a $100 credit towards your next repair. Max $100 total. If you don’t want to upgrade to the new membership programme, your existing membership still stands until the computer it relates to is no longer working as per the previous agreement.
  11. If you are over 100km outside Christchurch city limits and want your checkup onsite, you’ll pay the country travel fee with a 50% discount applied to the Christchurch portion only. Within 100km and it’s simply half price.

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If you have computers that are vital to your business or life, then you may be interested in our BIZ Service which provides extra attention to your computer. Call us on 0800 349 669 and one of our team can come out to discuss the details

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